Things You Can Make in a Bread Machine… Other Than Bread

If you only use your bread machine for baking bread, then you are missing out. You can do so much more with your bread machine than bake fresh loaves of bread. There are many other ways to make use of your machine.

Here are some examples of delicious recipes that you can prepare using your bread machine.

With many of these recipes, you will use the bread machine to take care of the prep work. You can combine ingredients, knead dough, and cut down on the amount of work you need to complete. Though, there are a few recipes that allow you to completely prepare a meal or tasty treat solely using your bread machine.

Dinner Rolls

It should come as no surprise that you can make dinner rolls using your bread machine. Rolls are basically small little loaves of bread. You can use your bread machine to prepare the dough for your rolls.

Use your bread machine to combine the ingredients, knead the dough, and then divide the dough onto a baking sheet. If you would like to give this a try, then take a look at this dinner roll recipe.

If you make the dinner rolls a little bigger than shown in the video, you can use them for sliders, sandwiches, or hamburgers.

Cinnamon Rolls

Using steps similar to preparing dinner rolls, you can make your own cinnamon rolls. You will again use the bread machine to combine your ingredients. Afterwards, you will bake the rolls in your oven.

Here is an easy recipe for making cinnamon rolls using your bread machine. You can use this to prepare the ingredients in the evening and then simply bake your rolls in the morning.

This is the perfect solution for enjoying fresh cinnamon rolls before work. Instead of spending a lot of time preparing the ingredients, allow your bread machine to do most of the work.

Jam and Jelly

You can easily make jam or jelly using your bread machine. There are hundreds of recipes that you can use to prepare jam or jelly using just your bread machine. In fact, some bread machines even come with a setting specifically for making jam or jelly.

With the following recipe, you can make jam from fresh or frozen fruit. This is a very simple recipe. You just need sugar and fruit. Store your jam in mason jars and keep them refrigerated. You should experiment with different combinations of fruit. Create your own unique jam flavor.


Preparing your own pasta from scratch is a healthy alternative to using store bought pasta. It tastes fresher. Even if you have a pasta machine, you may still need to prepare the pasta dough by hand. This can be a time-consuming process. If you want to try giving your hands a break, then learn how to use a bread machine to accomplish this task.

Using your bread machine, you can knead your pasta dough and prepare it for cutting. Check out the following video to make homemade noodles. You can use this whether you are going to cut the noodles by hand or use a pasta maker to cut the noodles.


You can make a wide range of pastries using your bread machine. As with several other recipes listed here, you can use your bread machine to take care of the prep work. Use the bread machine to combine the ingredient and knead the mixture.

Watch the following video and learn how to make your own Danish pastry. Follow the instructions as directed, but instead of using a mixer, you will use your bread machine. You will still need to bake the pastry in your oven.

Pizza Dough

Here is another example of something that you can make using your bread machine. Prepare fresh pizza dough. While you will not bake the dough in the bread machine, you can use the bread machine to combine ingredients, knead the dough, and allow the dough to rise.

Afterwards, you can roll the dough out on a baking sheet, add tomato sauce, and then top with cheese and your favorite toppings. Bake in your oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown.

Banana Bread

While banana bread is still a type of bread, many people do not think to use their bread machine. Instead of using your oven, you already have an appliance that works perfectly for baking banana bread.


You can also make baguettes using your bread machine. This will work best if you have a horizontal bread maker. A vertical bread machine may not offer enough space for preparing the baguettes. Though, if you wish to make your baguettes into a non-traditional shape, then feel free to try this recipe using your vertical bread machine.


Here is one more recipe for you to try. Use your bread machine to bake a cake. You can actually bake the entire cake in the bread machine. Instead of just preparing the mixture, you can fully bake the cake.

There are hundreds of different cakes that you can make in your bread machine. Below, you will find a video showing you how to make lemon drizzle cake. After you try this recipe, you can use the same basic concept to make any of your favorite cake recipes.

Get More Use Out of Your Bread Machine

You can use a bread machine for more than just making bread. If you want to make the most out of owning a bread machine, then consider making some of the recipes mentioned above. Along with bread, you can bake cakes, pizza dough, and other goodies.

Bread machines truly are great appliances. These were just a few examples of what you can do with your bread machine. After you try making some of the recipes provided, you should search for additional ideas. Have fun experimenting with various recipes and using your bread machine for more than simply baking bread.

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